Company Profile - Auterra Operating

Auterra Operating, LLC is a Texas limited liability company and is responsible for the daily operations of the Auterra Resources Eagleville Field, and maintains a field office is in the center of the field. Company personnel insure that the field functions in a safe, environmentally compliant and efficient manner. Our field personnel inspect and gauge the production of the producing wells in the field, and record that information in the Auterra production software. Any safety or environmental issues they observe are dealt with immediately, and any maintenance or facilities issues are reported and scheduled for repair. The field personnel also schedule, and monitor, all oil and water trucking throughout the field. Auterra Operating strives to maintain a good working relationship with all surface land owners in the field. Also, the Auterra Operating personnel supervise and monitor the operations of the central processing facility to insure site security, safe operations and compliance with all governmental regulations.

In Case of Field Emergency Call: 877-284-5666